We Baptize!

These are some of the most amazing and Christ-like people I know.  My testimony has grown so much as I have been able to learn, teach, love, and get to know each one of them!

Gloria and Veronica are amazing!  Meeting them all started from just checking the mail, and now from such a simple event lives will forever be changed!  They are such sweet spirits, and so readily recognize the peace the spirit brings.  I learned from them how grateful we should be for the simple things the gospel brings into our lives.  They were not looking for major miracles or drastic life changing events, they just were searching for the simple peace and comfort the gospel has to offer.  

Mariah's baptism was AWESOME!  I loved teaching her, and I learned a lot about how the Holy Ghost works with each one of us.  Mariah had an experience where she personally felt the Holy Ghost keep her safe from harms way, and that experience was able to help her make and keep her decision to be baptized!  I am so grateful to have the chance to teach her, but also to learn from her and her example.  I know now if face with a tough choice, do not fear just trust in the answer from Heavenly Father which comes by way of the Holy Ghost!

Javi and Santino are AWESOME!  Today they both choose to be baptized to complete the whole family.  As we taught them I learned so much about the Holy Ghost.  Both Javi and Santino, the moment they felt the Holy Ghost touch their hearts they wanted to be baptized!  Without hesitation or trying to justify the feeling, they recognized it as an answer and acted on it.  They are both examples to me of moving forward with faith.  Taking the answers and impressions you are given and ACTING on them immediately. I love this family!

This is one of the most amazing families your could ever meet!  I love them all!  Krystal (mom) and Celest (daughter) were baptized.  Each time we met with them, you could see their faith growing.  The closer and closer to baptism you could see how they truly desired to follow Christ.  My testimony grew as I watched them have the desire to change.  Change can be scary at times, but these two showed great faith and trusted that as the relied on the Lord the change would be for the better!

Teaching Ben was always a good time.  He would always have a big smile, and always be so happy.  Everything we taught he always cheerfully accepted.  During the time we might with him, his happiness and excitement for the gospel was contiguous!  It was sweet to see Elder McBride and Elder Bohnet finish up teaching Ben, and to baptize him.  Hearing them say the same thing, "Ben is always so happy!"  I learned from Ben to always see the good in life, and smile while you are living it!

Charisse is a true example of a prayer answered!  My testimony in prayer grew so much from meeting her.  She had been praying for awhile, and the moment she felt being baptized was right she called us and said come over tomorrow so I can be baptized!  Being a little over 8 months pregnant didn't even stop her.  She knew what Heavenly Father wanted for her, and she knew He had been listening!  What a miracle it is to see a prayer answered, and someone having enough faith to act on it!

Ed is the man!  He is truly converted.  I learned so much about personal study as we met with Ed.  He would constantly be reading from the Bible and The Book of Mormon before we would come over.  He always tells us "Elders I have been reading to get the spirit here for our lesson."  What a great example!  He sees that the gospel will change him much more than just in the moment, but will change the course of his life as he continues to have such a personal relationship with God.

Emma has such a sweet spirit.  Every time we would come over her cute little smile would light up the room.  Even though being so young, Emma knows very well who God is, and how much He loves her.  Emma taught me how I should be so excited to make a promise with our Heavenly Father.  Emma was counting down the days till she could get baptized!  Her enthusiasm and love for the Lord has been a major example to me.

Jairo is the most faithful person I have ever met.  He will forever be an example to me, and a "testimony-builder" on enduring well.  For Jairo his answer did not just come from one prayer or reading a verse or two, but it only came after he truly strives and humbly plead for an answer.  My faith has grown so much on daily prayer, daily scripture study, fasting, and completely relying on the Lord as we met with Jairo.  Jairo is my brother, good friend, and fellow disciple of Christ

Aphrodite, is a great example of love.  Each time we taught her I thought about how the gospel effects much more than us as individuals, but the blessings pour out to our families too.  Every lesson Aphrodite would bring her little baby girl (little on the wild side, but cutest little girl you could met), being the great mom she was she would try to tend after her, as well as she tried to focus on the lesson.  By Aphrodite's example of patience, love, and willingness to do best for not only her but also her daughter, by being baptized taught me a lot on how each of our choice to live the gospel blesses much more than just ourselves!

Jacob is a true miracle, and lead to my testimony to grow in member work.  Jacob is Milton's best friend.  Milton has only been a member for about 10 months now, but he was willing to invite his friend to church.  Just a few weeks later, Jacob was baptized.  I learned from this is how the Lord will use everyone that has a willing heart and wants to serve Him.  I love both Milton and Jacob, they are great guys, and both examples to me.  Be willing, see miracles!!

GioGio's to have a lesson, the home is always filled with the Spirit.  Since I have been teaching Gio, I have realized how blessed we all are.  Gio is one of the most grateful guys you could meet.  His prayers are so sweet because his list of thanks are so big.  I love it, teaching him, and seeing him make the steps towards baptism with his family has been an eye opener to how we should all be grateful!  Gio is awesome!

Cheryl, she is like an angel here on earth.  This lady has such a love for God, and a great spirit about her!  It was so awesome to be a part of the step she made to follow God.  She has great faith, and had such a strong desire to love her fellow man, and to love God!!  With her baptism my testimony grew on how God knows us personally, and the commitment/covenant we make with God at our own baptisms!  God will always hold up his half!!

Brandon is a stud of a kid!  He is part of an amazing family full of love!  Seeing his family unite and feel the spirit fill their home as they choose to live the Gospel was amazing!  My testimony on the priesthood grew with Brandon, his dad was able to get the Melchizedek priesthood so he could baptize and confirm his son, now that is AWESOME!  This family is great!

Mat is a joker.  You could never tell when he was serious or playin' a joke.  It was always nice to go to Mat's after a tough day, because he would always make you laugh!  About 2 weeks after his baptism we got to hear him bare his testimony at dinner when he knew for himself that the church was true, it was legit!

Jason, is a great guy!  As we would teach Jason my testimony on the Atonement grew.  I knew as we taught him about the Savior's love that it is so real!  His baptism was way sweet seeing, the real goal is to take his wife to the temple.  The blessing of the Gospel is not only for the here and now, but it last an eternity!!

Lauren,  it was way fun to teach someone around my age.  Most of the questions she would ask I had asked myself time and time again.  It was awesome seeing someone graduating high school about to face the real world still put God as a main priority, and by her own choice.  My testimony grew that the Gospel is for all phases of life, and the blessing and message is still true!

Tom,  he is the man!  He questioned everything,  every time we met with him I would take a second, and look at my own beliefs and my testimony.  As we taught him, my testimony on the Plan of Salvation grew and grew.  I loved the lessons, because each time I would be asked questions I couldn't answer, but the spirit still would testify of the truth of the message.

Brain and Andrea,  They were both such awesome kids.  Full of amazing spirit!   They both knew way more than me.  I loved to teach them, each time their whole family would be there and the love always filled the room.  Seeing them be baptized strengthen my testimony on how God loves each one of us, and that the Gospel truly does bless families!!

This is Sister Ewald, the sweetest lady you could ever met!  I loved getting to go over to Brother and Sister Ewald's house.  Don't let their age fool you, they were always full of life, and loved a good laugh.  You couldn't help but smile each time you went over or saw them at church!  My testimony grew on knowing that the Gospel is important no matter when you find it in your life!

It has been a blessing to be a part of these amazing peoples lives.  To see them learn and grow.  To be honest I feel like they all taught me so much more than I could ever teach them!  Baptism is an amazing thing!  Each time someone makes this step it is a miracle, and a blessing to all those who see and are a part of it!!