Sunday, February 6, 2011

What Can be Found In a Pencil Box

A good friend of mine just wrote a post on his blog about " Rock-Paper-Scissors ".  As I read the creatively written post my mind took a stroll down memory lane.  I thought of all the games I used to find so much fun in, while in grade school.  Rock-paper-scissor, boy/girl tag, hide-n-go-seek, four square, dodge ball, and the list of fun goes on and on.

The games brought back memories of childhood friends some long gone, others still close and dear.  Life was so simple then.  My only cares in the world was whens recess or whats for lunch?

Then, I remembered something all little kids were equipped with back then...a trusty pencil box!!!  The items held within these boxes were highly prized in a child's eyes.  There was everything from color pencils, pens, stickers, gum, bouncy balls, pencil sharpeners, and don't forget the BIG PINK ERASER.  Those big pink erasers were the jack-pot in my day.  All little kids envied those who had these miracle workers.  Your pencil box was just not complete without one of these gems.
I pondered that desire all kids had for those erasers.  Why was the eraser so key?  The answer is plain and simple, with a few strokes of the eraser all your problems and mistakes were gone.  Leaving no messy smudges on math problems, or rough spots on doodles.  Those erasers could fix everything...Just like Christ can do in our lives.  Sure the pencils and crayons are all nice, but the eraser is what we really need, to fix our errors.

Christ is our eraser.  No matter how big or same the problem may be, He can fix it without leaving behind any smudges.  I invite all to look inside your pencil box, and pull out your big pink eraser.  Christ is the only way  we can truly correct our smudges!!


  1. Awesome analogy and so true! Christ is the pink eraser.

  2. Pink erasers were the best!!! "For God nothing is impossible" (Luke 1:37)