Saturday, August 6, 2011

As simple as Checking the Mail...

Beep...beep...The timer goes off, and the pizza is finished.  Elder Barrett pulls the pizza out and the peperoni's are just sizzling.  The pizza needs to cool for 5 minutes or so, to pass the time we decided to go and check the mail.

AIR BOX!!! (meaning looking into the mailbox with hopes of seeing something inside, but then sadly seeing the back of an empty mailbox.) With slight sighs we headed back to our apartment, to devour our lunch which awaits us.  As we climb up the staircase back to our apartment, we hear shouts "MISSIONARIES!!! MISSIONARIES!!!"  We turn to see a little boy about 4 or so, and his sister chasing after him.  The little boy wrapped around my legs as soon as he got to me.  His sister pulled him off, and by now their slightly embarrassed mom gets to us. 

After prying the little guy off me, and exchanging hello's, turns out the mom is a new member of only 2 weeks and she is visiting her family.  While she told us her conversion story (she had a huge smile the whole time, and she was so happy! ) the rest of her family came over.  As she finished her story, we asked the rest of the family if they would like to learn why their sister was so happy, and how they to can find this happiness?

With anxeious head nods, we set an appointment.  Heavenly Father had much more instore for us that lunch break rather than just checking mail and eating pizza.  He is always working to bring His children to this eternal happiness.  As a missionary, I get to see these miracles unfold right before my eyes daily.  I am so humbly grateful to have this chance to serve!


  1. That is the most delicious miracle I've ever heard. ;)

  2. That is the coolest story ever!!

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