Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Worth of Every SOUL is Great.....even ME!!!

I was asked a simple question the other day, and couldn't find the answer.  I tried to shrug it off, and cover up my embarrassment with a slight laugh, and a quick change of topic.  The outside conversation may have changed, but my inward conversation continues to roll the idea of what an idiot i am, or how could i not know such a simple answer.  As my mind begins to roll, destroying thoughts of self worth overtake my mind.  Questions of why me,  who even cares, or even what am I even good for?

The enemy of our souls' has found a new battle ground, our MIND, with emphasis on self-worth.  If the adversary can enter our minds, and take control on not only our outward look on life, but also our own inward self refection, he has won.  Destroying our own ideal of our self worth, which would cause us to lose sight of our true value, a son or daughter of God.

I read a talk Am I of Worth? by Emily Thevenin, who tells her story of her personal fight for self-worth.  We can find strength in Emily's words as we have to face our own inward battle.  Emily just like I, confess at times we do the most damage to ourselves just from our negative thought process towards our self. 
Emily gives great advice for us all, that our self worth is not determined by our accomplishments in life, but we all share the common value as children of God.

We can also turn to the scriptures for advice to defend or fight back this mind twisting enemy.  I find comfort in D&C 18:10 which gives us all a confidence booster in knowing that God sees not only worth, but great worth in a soul.  Keepin' that thought in the back of our minds can help us continue on in the combat of self-worth.

I personally know how it feels to be in a state of depression, and have family members and very close love ones who have to fight this personal battle each day, but I am confident it is a battle that can be won.  We just have to continually remind ourselves that we are sons and daughters of God.  That our soul has value of great worth. 

I know as we strengthen our relationship with God, we will see how great we are each worth!  I am grateful to have that opportunity to pray to Him each day, to get a reminder of my personal worth.  I know also as we are willing to case our shortcomings upon our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can be lifted from our own self destruction and become something great.

And on a last note, when we get down do like I tell my little sister, make sure to take the time to laugh (even if it is just laughing at our own simple mistakes).  God loves us, and through Jesus Christ we can change!

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