Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Proud Uncle

A little over a week ago, God blessed my family with a baby!  My older sister, had a baby boy, his name is Tate. (or as I like to call him TateBabe)  My mom and all my siblings had sent me emails telling me the good news, with a few pictures.

As I read through the emails, and looked at the pictures of my new nephew I was caught in one of those "unreal moments."  My mind was just paused, in amazement for a few moments.  Then it shot into fast forward!  I was picturing my nephew growing and learning.  Remembering lots of my growing times in life, and what could teach him.  I thought about my sister and brother-in-law raisin' the little guy, and all the adventures entailing that.  Then my mind hit the pause button, I just sat in a state of gratitude, for being a part of a miracle.

A new life.  Babies are miracles.  They are new little people just starting out on their journey through life.  There is a chain reaction of happiness that always follows new born babies.  Tate is one of God's children, which he loves very much!

I was told not to long ago that "A parent is the highest calling anyone could have."  That's so true!  God is putting his trust in my sister and brother-in-law with one of His own.  To raise him up, help him through life, show him the way, and in the end return him home.

To end my slight bragging about my nephew (can't help it, I love the little guy!)  My mom sent me a letter, filling me in on all the details, and with pictures to hold.  My mom says in the letter "I still think he hears the angels, while he is sleeping.  He is fun to hold when he is awake, but there is something special about holding him while he is sleeping, I think it is the Angels."  I think angles do lead us into this life, and the life to come.  God has His angels all around us, His children, to love and protect us!  I can't wait to hold my nephew!  Shout out to my new nephew TateBabe,  I love you bud!   

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  1. Thank you for writing this great Post Elder Bankhead. I love family, what would we do without them? The joy and happiness which will come from your most loved ones.
    Your little nephew is a good looking little baby. I have 15 nieces and nephews. Boy they are fun. Thanks for that!