Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We can Change!

I met a man this week who had changed his life, for the better.  He had gotten off the path many years ago, but now he was back on and stronger than ever!  As the man told his story you could feel the truthfulness and spirit of his changed heart. 

While listening to him tell his story of challenge and change, I reflected on my own life.  Life is like a roll-a-coaster full of ups and downs, and all sorts of twist and turns.  I realized it is the downs returning to the up is where I have mostly learn, but I also recognized it took a hurtful fall to get there.  My life has changed a lot over the pass year or so.  As the man spoke, mine and his change had the same leading factor, CHRIST! 

Jesus Christ is essential to true change or repentance.  Jesus set the perfect example and was willing to pay the ultimate price for our mistakes if we make that choice to follow him.  Life can get crazy and we can find our self lost and confused, but as long as we hold on to Christ, He will show us the light.

Alma 7, talks all about the atoning sacrifice Christ made.  How blessed we are to have an older brother willing to take everything upon himself so that we could change.   Don't get me wrong change is not the easiest thing, but possible because of Christ.  With this sacrifice our choice to choose righteousness is still required.  The man's life didn't just change because Christ had sacrificed, but the man had to choose to use the ATONEMENT.
That is where we all have room to improve.  Christ did save us,  but it is up to us and our choices we make to feel of that love and forgiveness of His sacrifice.  I know that the forgiveness is REAL!  I have felt it in my life, like before I said I had found myself in some downs, which makes life not so fun.  Guilt and shame will weigh us down, but never can our mistakes make us invalid of forgiveness. 

At the end of meeting this man he testified o
f the possibility of CHANGE.  I also would like to testify of that.  Change is possible through Christ.  My life has taken a huge turn since Christ started coming first.  I don't have to be weighed down by my guilt anymore.  Life is just plain out better, as we choose change!! 

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