Saturday, November 6, 2010

Help God Help Others!

I was talking with a guy (about my age) about God.  Turned out he didn't believe in God.  He wasn't against God or anything. He just didn't really see the point of God.  Why do we need a God?  Can't life be lived without something better than our life now.

I think quite a few of us have found ourselves somewhere similar to this guy.  Maybe not as far as 'not believin in God', but more or less not understanding, or not caring.  We think that life can be done without God, that life is for living in the moment and nothing after that.

Sadly, a few years ago I was at the not caring point, so as I talked to this guy our conversation was a flash back. Life takes lots of twists and for one reason or another, we can find ourselves not caring or forgetting.  Forgetting or not believing, is an unsafe path to end up on, and it leads to misery and unsatisfaction.

I told my new friend my story, of how I lost sight of the importance of God, then explaining how much better life is with God in the picture.  Following that I shared the story of King Lamoni (King from the Book of Mormon).  After reading the story and showing how we all can relate to King Lamoni in his misunderstood unbelief, and encouraged him to do the same as Lamoni did, pray, and believe!

After our chat as I walked back to the car, I reviewed my relationship with God.  It is important to know Him, but it is just as important to let others know Him too!  We are all in this battle together.  Satan's initial goal is not to make us into murderers or vile sinners; the goal it to make us forget/ignore God.

We need to stand up for God.  Let Him not become something forgotten.  To many already have and it is taking a toll, just look at the crazy world we live in.  Talk about God with friends! family! neighbors! random guys on the street! EVERYONE!  We all need God!

God is not a conversation we should fear or be ashamed of.  We should rejoice and be estatic when we get the chance to talk about our Holy Creator.  We can't turn our backs on Him, and set Him aside like just another fairy tale idea.  God is real, He will never turn on us, so why should we.....

God is real.  I know this.  I feel his love each time I pray.  God is my Heavenly Father.  I love Him and I am grateful for His constant and perfect love for me.  No matter where I find myself in life, God will never stop loving me.

I challenge everyone that reads this to tell someone about God.  Leave a comment letting all of us know how it goes!  We are God's children, lets make sure God not be Forgotten!

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  1. I like that you said that Satan's goal for us is to forget! ITS SO TRUE...
    I love this song! "You are his child" we need to remember that!
    I know that there is a God and that He loves us so much!
    So... REMEMBER, who you are and what you stand for!