Monday, November 29, 2010

We Have Grown

This is my purpose, and at times it scares me a little.  I know I have grown, but I feel like I have so much growth to go.  For me at least sometimes life just seems to much or just can't quite hack it.  I feel like my change is not enough.  I feel far from where I should be, and no where near being able to be in the presence of God.  Then I take a second and think....Does God want me back?

Then the spirit smacks me in the head, or softly touches my heart and reassures me, of course He does.  Life is the time for growth, to often we all are too hard on ourselves, I think.  Growth takes time and patience, it is so easy for us to see the change in others, but as we look inward the change is rather hard to see. 

As I move forward I make it a goal to recognize the change in myself, not in a prideful manner or anything, but to see where I was and how far I have come.  " I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things..."  Growth is not easy, and forces me to step out of my comfort zone and stretch, but I know with the help of God a servant as weak as me, can be a valuable tool.

I have noticed one down fall to this chance to grow.  I expect others to have to change and grow as I am.  Looks like pride creepin' in.  My life is mine, and the changes I go through are lessons I need to learn.  Sometimes I think we think how unfair...why me...they should have to do this...
I know I have at least thought this at times.  God gives us the chance to change and grow not just for ourselves, but so we can be a more useful tool in His hands to help others.

On Sunday this topic came up.  (Us growing and then expecting others to do the same)  We read from a talk called " You Are My Hands "  the talk in a nutshell is, we are Christ hands.  He works by way of using us to help others.  We talked about how we need to help all, no matter if they are on the same page as us or not.  That is not our place to judge.  The growth rate of another is not up to us to measure!

The Gospel allows us all to grow.  Our part in that growth is to stay humble and help others on their way.  Recognize where we, ourselves have grow, stay humble, and continue on with a heart filled with joy, knowing that this growing period is, because God loves us!  We have Grown!

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