Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going to God's House

Just the other day, the other missionaries in Vacaville, Brother Christensen (local member who is legit), and I took a trip to the Sacramento Temple.  What a sweet experience, to go to such a sacred place.  Temples are the closest thing to being in heaven for us here on earth!

After about an hour or so of driving we exited off the freeway.  We took our last turn and headed up the hill.  On the side of the road is a bit of forest and usually there are some turkeys and maybe even a deer or two (Brother Christensen loves to spot the animals).  Breaking the crest of the hill, and coming to a clearing, there the temple sits.

As we pulled into the parking stall I could not take my eyes of the god-like structure.  The Sacramento Temple has a fairly simple design, but yet still a pristine look.    As I marveled at the beauty of the Lord's House, I felt a sense of peace and security.  To me temples are like "the castle on the hill."  A place all can come to find peace and protection.

I am a bit of an art nut; the inside of the temple, the paintings, glass work, and stonework is breath taking.  As I examined each detail and inch finding all to be flawless.  The temple is a house fit for a king.  In a literal sense the temple is the house of the King of Kings.

After, participating in sacred ordinances, and  serving those who have already passed on  , I could not help, but feel complete.  Waiting for the others to finish I took the time to recognize and appreciate the peacefulness I felt in the temple.  Inside the walks of the temple, my problems are left at the door.  The worries and worldly concerns which normally weigh me down, are a lost thought for a moment.  In the temple I feel at home, I feel the love which my loving Heavenly Father has for me.  Inside I am safe from my life's challenges and struggles.  The temple frees me from my life's bruises and bumps.

Temples are eternal, and the work is too.  There we can learn to see afar off , having more of an eternal view on our lives.  At the temple we can have a taste of what heaven might be like.  All are invited and welcomed to take this trip to God's house.

Our Prophet Thomas S. Monson says it quite nice in a short poem...

How far is heaven?
It’s not very far.
In temples of God,
It’s right where we are.

I invite all to go and check out the temple!  It is such an amazing place, the Oakland Temple has a lot of events and such during the Christmas season.  Check out for more information.  Lets all take a trip to God's house!

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  1. Elder Bankhead,
    The picture of you guys is awsome i miss you all! I love the temples! we get to go later this week and i can hardley wait..
    I know what you mean about feeling complete! i feel the same way after i go to the temple! the feeling is just indescribeable!
    Im so very grateful for temples and that we are able to go there and remember who we are and where we are going!
    Thanx so much for this!
    Keep the Faith
    Remember who you are and what you stand for!