Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It is Ok to be Different; God made Us that Way

I could never be a doctor I would for sure pass out the first surgery I would have to perform.  Having to cut someone open, or have blood all over my hands, would not be my first choice of an occupation.  Having to go to work each day to be grossed out would not be my idea of a good job.

Sorry mid-conversation again, let me rewind.  Elder Webber and I were talking about the schooling and classes we had taken before our missions.  We talked about how what we had learned has helped us on our missions, and what we will do with our schooling afterwards.  He mentioned how he had taken a medical class....which sent me into a tangent on how I could never be a doctor.

After our chat about what to become, and how to use our schooling/talents, the thought crossed my mind...How unique each one of us really are.  My interests and talents could be completely different from someone elses, and that is all ok.

For example three different people we visited this week showed us one of their talents/interests.  One was a four year old boy.  He really wanted to show us a robot dragon thing he had made out of legos.  I admired his creation, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help but think what is this thing.  I could tell it was important to him so I showed interest.  After hearing all the adventures him and his dragon had been on, it turned out to be a pretty awesome creation.

Next was a man who showed us his stamp collection.  When he first brought his collection out to show us, I thought this is going to be the most boring 20 minutes of my life.  As he showed us a few of his favorite stamps or most memorable ones with the stories behind them his face lit up with excitement.  My interest increased as I realized how much his stamps meant to him.

Last, was a guy around my same age.  He wanted to show us a comic he head been workin on.  I thought to myself comics are sorta nerdy, but I enjoy to draw so I will check it out.  His talent and love fore creativity shown through as he read his comic out load.  Turns out it was pretty funny and we all had a good laugh.

On the bike ride home from our visits, and with mine and Elder Webber's conversation from before rummaging around in my mind.  I thought again how unique each one of us are!  Our Heavenly Father blesses each person with their own talents and interest.  With good reason, if we were all the same society would collapse.  Just think if everyone was like me, there would be no doctors, the world would be in a whole lot of hurt, lives would be lost.

After learning this lesson, I made a goal to appreciate not only my talents/interest more, but also others.  Talents are another way for us to feel God's love.  Who am I to limit someone from feeling that love in not giving them the time to share their talent.  A talent is special no matter how "nerdy" we might think it may be.

Give time to others' talents.  Be appreciative that we are all different.  Be grateful that we are all children of God with the same purpose, just using different talents to achieve it.  Who knows by giving someone else the time to share their talent/interest, we just might find something new that we are interested in.  It is ok to be different!  

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  1. There are SO many times that I have felt the same way. People get all excited to show me something and my first thought is "great....." Thanks for giving me that slap in the face Elder. Even when someones talent seems uninteresting to me, it is important and interesting to them. Who am I to squelch their dreams. There's some repenting to be done on my part.