Sunday, January 16, 2011

A World without God

In life, I have seen when things get tough the thought has crosses my mind to blame someone or something...sadly that someone often times is God.  But why would we choose to blame the one who gives us everything?

I recently had a conversation with a man who was a little confused.  He had told us he had some mishaps in life with religion and such and now he was taking a brake from God for awhile.  He said he just wants to be left alone to his own thoughts.   Now, as I processed this conversation in my mind I could not help but want to plead out WHY?!  The man told us how he was unhappy and confused, how he just has to many unanswered questions, but if he chooses to blame God (or take a brake from him) he is closing the door to help from above.

Why is that a nature tendency to push away the one that loves us most? Our Heavenly Father's goal is not to make life miserable and force us to suffer.   He gave us life so we could find true joy  .  But for one reason or another myself guilty also when life gets tough our reaction is "Oops its God's fault..."

I think that false blame is exactly the trap Satan wants us all to fall for.  What better way to lead us down to unhappiness, than cause us to forget our Creator.  Satan is clever with this trap of his.  He gets us confused and turned around until we close the door to the one that can help us.

If we ever find our self in such a situation we need to stop and ask our self why?  We must not forget our special relationship with our Heavenly Father.  That of literal Father and child.  When a toddler takes a tumble, his parent always scoops him up and makes it all better...I can guarantee the last thing on that little guys mind would be "No put me down, I don't want to be helped, I don't need you.."  So why should we chose to do that now.  Rely on our Heavenly Father when life gets tough and embrace in his saving arms.
Allow Him to scoop you up and put you back on your feet.

I know that God is our Heavenly Father.  I am grateful that He is forgiving and is always willing to wrap me in His saving arms.  I know that He loves us, and that He is real.

Tell a friend about what God has done for you!  Remind them of the help He can give to them.  Strive to not be fooled or become a victim of Satan's trap. A world without God would be a miserable place, don't blame Him but embrace Him!  

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  1. At times when I attempt to tell a friend what God has done for me, I find I am speechless. I dont know where to start, because I know my list is not going to end!