Friday, January 7, 2011

Strive towards Christ

Right now I am trying to focus on knowing Christ better in my life.  I came to the conclusion the best way to come to know someone, is to become like them.  Becoming like Christ is no simple task, He is perfect, but it something to continually strive for.

Once I had set my mind to this focus of Christ, it seemed like opportunities to put it to the test kept arising.  These opportunities were not always ones looked forward to.  Christ is Christ because He loves perfectly.  No matter what the situation maybe or how unfair the circumstance He still loved perfectly.  My opportunities came from loving in tough situations.  We all come across a lot of people in our lives, some are not the easiest to love.

How does Christ do it??  How can He keep His cool, and not get frustrated??  How does He only show this perfect type of love, and not even complain or expect praise back??

I don't think I will ever fully know how He does it in this life.  But I am sure grateful that He does.  I am grateful that He has mastered the art of Love, giving us all an example to follow.  I have realized in my focus on Christ, as I come closer to Him it seems like I see more and more areas I can personally improve on.  How awesome is that, as we strive to come closer to Christ, Heavenly Father shows us our imperfections and gives us the chance to work on them.

I know becoming like Christ is a lofty goal, but it is one I desire to work towards.  It brings lots of self reflections, and helps me realize where true happiness comes from.  Christ didn't have eternal happiness because of riches and gold, but because the perfect love He had developed for others.  His love did not have bounds or confound by pride.  He did not see people for their outward worth or appearance.  Christ loves all, the righteous and the sinner.

I invite all of you in joining with me in attempts to become more like Christ.  He is the light and life of the world.  He is perfect.  He is the Lamb of God.  He is our older brother we can all look up to and diligently strive to become like!!


  1. One of my goals has been to develope charity. It has been hard and a lot of challenges come up, but I have learned tons. Being like Christ is possible, we just have to make it a priority.

  2. Hey, one of my goals is charity, too! (for my whole mission...) I try to remember every night to pray for charity, as suggested by Moroni in Moroni 7:48 (Book of Mormon). I testify that it works. The more I pray for charity, the more I remember it during the day, and the greater love I have for everyone around me. I do this because I love the Savior, and I want to be more like Him.