Friday, April 29, 2011

A,B,C's of FAITH!

Today I asked myself what do I have faith in?  Is my faith in Christ, or is my faith in myself?  This question should be a no brainier...FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.  But all too often we have a natural tendency to forget where our faith should lye.  I have seen in instances I begin to trust in my own strengths rather than relying on the Lord. 

This question of faith reminded me of a door I had knocked a few days ago.  A elderly man answered the door.  He openly shared his view on Christ, and then began to question ours.  He said something that stuck with me about faith in Christ. 

 He said "well boys I am gonna speak to you like your grandpa.  I have got quite a few years on ya, so I think I know a little more on faith.  Let me give you the A,B, C's of faith.."


As we walked away the man was still no closer to letting us in his home than when we had first knocked on it, but the door was not a failure.  I learned about faith, and we gave the man a chance to testify of his faith in Jesus Christ. 

As I apply the simple A,B,C's of faith to my origin question of where my faith should lye the answer is rather easy.  We alone can not make it through this life, or overcome/fix the mistakes or sins we commit, but as we act on our belief in the saving power of Christ with confidence we can overcome the obstacles in life.  Our faith must be in Christ.  Without Christ the end result is failure, we can not accomplish this alone!

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