Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Trusted

What is true trust? 
How can we be trusting?
How can we become the trusted?

As missionaries or a true disciple of Chirst we must become the trusted.  If we want to be able to bring others to the gospel it is essential to develop a relationship of trust.  People don't let random strangers into their home or lives without some level of trust before hand.

Now back to the first question in the list, (what is real trust)....Before we can accept something we must first trust in it.  I believe that true trust is where you are willing to humble yourself, to be willing to put something into the hands of another, and believing in the outcome.

More important than missionaries gaining the trust of those we teach, is that we develop trust in God.  This concept reminds me of my favorite scripture. 2 Samuel 22:2-3 God requests our trust in Him, so that He can be our rock, our shield, our high tower, our refuge, and our savior.  As we choose to follow His commandments, that He has given us, it is our way of showing Him, we trust Him.  Jesus Walking on the Water

God promises that He will bless us, as we choose to live a "good christian life" but if we lack the trust in God, sin and disobedience become almost first nature.  God knows what is best, but we have to humble ourselves and accept that fact.  We must come to the point in our lives where we realize that God has a better grasp on the way of life than we do.  Then, like I previously said we must put true trust (that is when you are willing to humble yourself to be willing to put something into the hands of another, and believing the outcome)  in Him.

A quote from W. Craig Zwick says it best
"If we will … walk hand in hand with Him in His paths, we will go forward with faith and never feel alone."

The Lord Thy God Will Hold Thy Hand

From this act of humility we become not only the trusting, but also the trusted. We no longer have to walk alone, but as we choose righteousness God will entrust us with blessing, opportunities to serve, and most
importantly the chance to share the gospel which has bless all our lives.

I know for myself I can become more trusting, in God, and His plan.  I know as each and everyone of us does this we may see the hand of God in our lives more often, becoming the Trusted.

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