Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is required to have Faith?

Faith is not just simply believing, but requires us to act.  In Joshua 3, we read a story of how Joshua and the children of Israel come to the massive Jordan River.  Joshua knows their destination is on the other side, but how can they cross?  Joshua turns to the Lord for advice, just like we all should as we face our "Jordan River's" in life. 

The Lord gives a simple answer for Joshua to tell the priests to walk into the river, with a promise that the ground will become dry as they continue to push forward.

The task at hand seems fairly simple, just step into the water.  This is where fear, pride or doubt may begin to set in but, all of us have to decide to make this same step of Faith and get our feet wet.  The Lord does fulfill his promises, but like the priests, not before we are willing to act on our faith and take that first step.

I see this each day of my life.  Sometimes it my seem in my mind the Lord is requiring a lot, but when I can set my pride and fears aside,  I realize I am safe, making that step into the light.  As we are more willing to act on our faith we will see miracles, and we'll see how truly involved the Lord is in our lives.

From this chapter, it lays out an equation of faith we can all apply to our lives..

Prayer + Obedience + Acting on Faith = Miracles 

Let us all follow the example of the priests and act on our faith, no longer limiting ourselves or the Lord in the miraclesD&C 45:62, we will see each day.  Make that first step, get your feet wet!

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